How To Oil A Spinning Reel

How To Oil A Spinning Reel

No matter what spinning reel you are using for fishing, its maintenance is very important. If you don’t take care of it, the spinning reel will not last very long. Moreover, the users of reel will end up with bad surprises while fishing.

In this section we will tell you how you can increase the life of your spinning reel and have an awesome outcome every time you go with it.

Oil spinning reel after every use

Most spinning reels are made of metallic materials and manufacturers claim them to be corrosion-free reels that don’t require regular maintenance. However, all equipment requires upkeep, especially when it’s exposed to moisture, heat, water and crashes.

Oiling is the first and one of the best methods in the upkeep of the instrument.

Wash the reel thoroughly

Even if oiling of the spinning wheel is not done, washing the spinning reel should be done after every use. This will remove all debris and salt that gets stuck to the reel while fishing. Also, before oiling the reel, the spinning reel should be washed methodically.

How to wash the tip of the spinning reel

  • Tight the handle and drag knob of spinning reel and hold it in the horizontal direction. Keep it under fresh tap water or you can use bottle to put water on it. Rinse it meticulously.
  • Use clean cloth or figure to rub any stain of blood or salt.
  • The line on the spool and line roller should be given an extra rinse. This is the parts that are more exposed to corrosion prone salty water.
  • Once the cleaning of reel is done with plain water, shake it well to remove the extra water drops and leave it in the open to get it dry.


After rinsing the spinning reel it is important to keep it outside in the open to remove moisture. Placing a reel that contains moisture inside will damage parts of the reel.

Oil the spinning reel

There are two types of oiling that can be done to a reel. One is regular oiling and the other is periodical. Regular oiling does not take more the five minutes if the user is aware of all important parts present in the reel.

  • First put oil in the bail joint. After putting oil in, move it three to four times. This action will ensure the oil is spread evenly over the joint.
  • Now, put a few drops of oil on the screw. After putting oil here, gain move bail joints three to four times.
  • Oiling the roller and bearing is very important. These are two important parts of spinning reel and are more exposed to corrosion causing salt water. Thus, put some extra oil in these sections. After oiling, do not forget to give it some movement. This will properly distribute oil in every area of spinning reel.
  • It is recommended not to oil a roller that has mag-sealed. Rinsing it with water will work here.
  • Oil the handle knob. Oil it from both sides if the handle is the open type and give a moment to it.

A few parts of the spinning reel do not require oiling. Instead of oil they need to be greased up. The parts that need greasing are the main shaft of the instrument, the drag knob and the knob seal.

Choose correct lubricant to oil spinning reel

In addition to oiling a spinning reel, it is important to pick the right lubricant. The lubricants are available in stores that sell fishing accessories, so consult the seller and pick the best one.

Often, spinning reel manufacturers provide lubricant with the reel to buyer. The same lubricants should be used with oil reel. In case the lubricant is finished or is not accompanied with instrument reel, an authorized center can be contacted.

Seasonal care of spinning reel

The seasonal care of spinning reel involves detailed cleaning of the reel. Here, the instrument’s part is opened and oiling is done in each part. If the instrument is old, then it will require frequent oiling. The new instrument can run smooth with regular oiling for two to three years.

Note: For seasonal oiling parts of the reel is separated, it’s recommended to users if they are not versed with the process of separation and reassembling, do not try this. Instead of doing it on your own, contact the nearest authorized center to do the job.

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