How To Cast A Spinning Reel

How To Cast A Spinning Reel

Now that you have your spinning reel, this is the time to get ready for fishing. However, just getting the right spinning reel is not enough to catch fish. Learning how to properly casta reel is important too.

Without appropriate casting of the reel, an angler will not end up catching fish, no matter how expensive the reel is and how wonderfully it works. Here are some step-by-step instructions to cast a spinning reel of any make.

How to cast spinning reel: a step by step guide

The first step of casting any fishing reel is assembling it aptly.

  • Take out the spinning reel and rod to assemble it.
  • The spinning reel is kept in the downward direction of the rod; placing the reel below the rod will make operation of the reel while fishing easier.
  • The fishing rod has to be held in the right hand or the hand that is dominant and has more strength. So, if you are left hand, no problem, you can hold the rod in left hand too, but the place of spinning reel will always be on the downside.
  • Now, when the reel is placed on the rod, it is time to hold it perfectly. The foot of the reel should be between the two fingers. Keeping it between the middle finger and ring finger gives smooth working. Though, it is not hard and fast, if you are comfortable placing it between any other fingers, go ahead.
  • Use the thumb and index finger to hold the line against the rod.

 Open the bail

Once the reel is placed accurately on rod and line is held with perfection, it is time to work with a bail.

  • Both index figure and other hand can be used to open the bail and point out the target.
  • Smoothly bring a fishing rod in upward direction till it gets vertical.
  • If the rod is flexed, let it do that, the process is called loading. Do not pause on action; just try to push fishing rod in forward direction.


All the actions have to be done smoothly. Pressure during the action should be taken on the wrist and elbow—the shoulder should not be involved in it. If you put pressure on your shoulder, you will end up having a frozen or painful shoulder.

These are the step-by-step instructions for casting a spinning reel. The process seems smooth, but in practice it is not. While working on these steps it is highly possible that you will get stuck with issues. Here is how to tackle basic issues while casting a spinning reel.

Basic issues associated with the casting of spinning reel

The plug has gone straight into the air

This issue comes if the line is released early. Do not hurry in releasing the line, wait for a while.

The plug collided at feet

This happens because the line is released too late. Releasing the line is a matter of timing, and experience of doing it can only be gained through practice.

Loops in the line

For first-time users of a spinning reel, it is best to operate bait with a free hand instead of the index finger. This will prevent the abovementioned situation.

Now, when you have learned how to cast a spinning reel, it is the time to go fishing. Nevertheless, fishing is not a simple skill that can be learned easily. It requires lots of practice and patience.

Thus, if you end up having no fish with newly purchased spinning reel; do not feel sad. Practice this skill regularly; you will become a master of this art very soon.

Practice the skill of fishing in your backyard

Do not jump into water to fish if you are using a spinning reel for the first time. Practice fishing with this tool in your backyard.

Just tie a weight without hook and practice; only this will make you more confident. Another thing that can be done to get more versed on fishing with a spinning reel is experiment with multiple casts.

While fishing in the water, there will come a time when fishers have to do a sidearm cast, short cast or over the shoulder cast.

Practicing this cast in a safe place prevent ugly surprises in open-water fishing. The well-known statement should be kept in mind: practice makes perfect. So, just practice and practice before landing in the water.

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