Mitchell 300 Spinning Fishing Reel Review

Mitchell 300 Spinning Fishing Reel Review

The Mitchell 300 Spinning Fishing Reel is one of the best of the lot for more than one reason. It sports all the most useful features you’d expect a spinning reel to have, and comes at a very convenient price. It also has many positive ratings and reviews giving credit to the great value.

The main reason why a fisherman would choose the Mitchell 300 Spinning Fishing Reel over other fishing reels is because of its polymeric body and carbon fiber drag. This superior ergonomic build assures the user of its longevity.

All the features of this product are discussed in detail below.
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Mitchell 300 Spinning Fishing Reel – Features

  • Convenient size that fits any fishing rod
  • Advanced build
  • Polymeric body
  • 8 bearings with anti-reverse
  • Can withstand heavy line
  • Can handle big fishes with ease
  • Superior strength guaranteed by Bail halo
  • Aluminum spool
  • Durable material
  • Ergonomic design
  • Multi disk system for consistent pressure
  • Can surround the rotor completely
  • Highly innovative design
  • Weights only 12.8 ounce
  • Incredibly light
  • Doubly anodized spool to ensure that it never rusts


  • Carbon fiber body
  • Incredibly little weight
  • Durable, strong material
  • Can handle bigger lines and heavier fishes
  • Convenient in all manners possible
  • Easily fits on each and every kind of fishing rod
  • Smoother casting
  • Advanced spinning wheel
  • Never jams
  • Warranty
  • Powerful main shaft
  • Corrosion resistant body


  • Price
  • Easily out of stock
  • Fishing reel is smaller compared to other models
  • Fits less amount of line


Keeping all the features in mind, this is one of the best products available online on the marketplace, if one is looking for a reliable long lasting yet convenient spinning reel.This fishing reel is probably the most convenient model available online today. Given it’s incredibly light weight and carbon fiber build it ensures a great deal of durability and strength.

If you’re looking for a fishing reel that will last for years and will provide smooth service without much need for maintenance then this is the fishing reel to go for.


There are many fishing reels available on the marketplaces today. If one compares all the fishing reels keeping the price range and the features they offer in mind, one will see that there are differences among these fishing reels.

Some are made of carbon fiber making them light, convenient to carry, very durable, and also very powerful. Carbon fiber is pricier, however, than stainless steel, making these carbon fiber fishing reels comparatively more expensive than stainless steel ones.However, you should keep your priorities in mind and choose a fishing reel accordingly. The Mitchells 300 spinning fishing reel is made of carbon fiber and is highly durable and long lasting.

There are a few other fishing reels like Daiwa DF100A giant spinning fishing reel that assures almost equal convenience overall, but it is slightly on the heavier side giving the Mitchell 300 spinng reel a lift-up. Also, this Daiwa DF100A fishing reel sports a giant wheel that can hold a bigger line than Mitchell 300 spinning fishing reel.The carbon fiber body of this Mitchells 300 reel also ensures a lot of comfort and smoothness. Because of its carbon fiber build, it can simply never jam unlike the Daiwa DF100A.

There are other fishing reels, like the Penn Spinfisher V spinning reel, that is not made of carbon fiber, but of stainless steel and is priced much higher than Mitchell 300 spinning fishing reel.This Penn fishing reel offers instant anti-reverse like the other two but when it comes to dragging the Penn spinning fishing reel is simply superior to a sealed HT-100 slammer drag system that is not present in the other two.

From this comparison, you can see that your priorities are the most important thing here. The Mitchells 300 spinning fishing reel can be a very good choice if one requires all the good qualities of a fishing reel within a convenient pricing.


Keeping all the features in mind, the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00EQAGAAO” locale=”US” tag=”reelsaltwaterfishing-20″]Mitchell 300[/easyazon_link] is the most conveniently priced one in the lot. It has collected numerous positive reviews and almost no critical review by the users.

If you need a comfortable and lightweight carbon fiber fishing reel within a good price range, then the Mitchell 300 spinning fishing reel is the best choice.

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  1. I grew up using a Mitchell 300 because my dad only would fish with the 300. I haven’t fished in years so nostalgia had me buying a new 300c. Talking to fishermen on the Walmart fishing tackle isle, I picked up some new ways to fish for Bass. I also bought the old school tackle just incase. Looking forward to the delivery of my new Mitchell 300 to put on my new casting rod. With my rod, reel, tackle box, tackle, and my best friend Archer German Shepherd service Dog, I will be hitting the lakes after 35 years.

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