The Shimano Sienna FD Spinning Reel Quick Review

The Shimano Sienna FD Spinning Reel Quick Review

Another spinning reel that is a big hit these days is the Shimano Sienna FD Spinning Reel. Easy to handle and operate, this reel has become one of the best choices for those who do not want to spend too much money on fishing reel but still want an effective instrument to work with. It has great looks along with its durability.

Thus, when the fishing with this spinning reel, the angler can focus on the actual fishing without having to worry about any reel-related issues. The feature of spinning reel that attract buyers is its front and rear drag.  It is one of the best reels on the market these days at its reasonable price.

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Highlights of the Shimano Sienna FD Spinning Reel

Just like Penn and KastKing, Shimano is again a prominent producer of fishing-related products, and its products, including the [easyazon_link identifier=”B003759TH0″ locale=”US” tag=”reelsaltwaterfishing-20″]Sienna FD Spinning Reel[/easyazon_link], are known for quality coming within this price range.

Some of the best features of the Sienna FD spinning reel are:

  • Versatile

When a fishing reel of this range is purchased, it is often assumed that it will be adequate but not spectacular. But, this is not true with Shimano Sienna FD range.

Low price, it nonetheless gives great results. It can be used anywhere, either in fresh or saltwater. Moreover, there will be no performance difference with the reel no matter if it is used for catching small fish or large ones

  • True performer

The spinning reel is made of all metal and it is very light in weight. The propulsion line management system present in reel helps fishers have a longer cast.

There is an instant reverse bearing present in the reel that does its job extraordinarily. To stop reverse movement, spinning reel has a Super Stopper II.

  • Durable material used

The frame of the Sienna FD Spinning Reel is made of graphite and aluminum. The frame, side plates and rotor are made of graphite, and the spool is made of aluminum. This gives the Sienna FD spinning reel enough potential to stand up against the toughest conditions

  • The reel is designed with “S” concept—it has an S guard and an S arm cam
  • It is embedded with vari-speed oscillation technology
  • The handle is designed as portable handle shank
  • The spinning reel is dyna-balanced so that it provides an ultra-smooth experience
  • It is geared to use in saltwater however, it gives excellent result in freshwater too.
  • The instrument is rated to use with Mono, PowerPro and fluorocarbon line


  • The instrument is light in weight and it is made of durable material
  • The portable handle provides ease in using the reel
  • Instant reverse and longer casting make it a true performer
  • Very versatile to be used anywhere
  • Easy to maintain
  • When handled with care and properly maintained, the reel will last a very long time


  • Some may feel line capacity of the instrument is too small
  • Though it is light in weight, some users feel more can be done in this area


Taking the amount spent on buying this reel into account, this is a wonderful reel. It will not disappoint the buyer wherever or whenever used.

Maintenance of the reel is another factor that makes the Sienna FD Spinning Reel an excellent choice for many. It can be easily cleaned, greased and maintained.


People who buy the Shimano Sienna FD Spinning Reel also look at options like the Pflueger President Spinning Reel and the KastKing Baitrunner spinning reel. The President and Baitrunner are also good choices to go with when the buyer is considering only the product and not the money.

The KastKing has an innovative design, precision in matched gears with 10+1 bearing and versatility. Similarly, the President of Pflueger has similar properties. In addition to being innovative, and loaded with the features, the Pflueger President is also known for its long life.

With the Shimano Sienna FD, the graphite frame, portable handle shank, dyna balance, along with vari speed, and propulsion line management system will certainly make the buyer seriously think about buying the Shimano Sienna FD Spinning Reel.

Moreover, the instrument is available in four weights. The Pflueger President spinning reel and KastKing Baitrunner spinning reel also comes with different variations in weight. The price is the main factor that gives the Sienna FD the edge over its competitors.


Buyers who do not want to spend too much money on a fishing reel can go with the [easyazon_link identifier=”B003759TH0″ locale=”US” tag=”reelsaltwaterfishing-20″]Shimano Sienna FD spinning reel[/easyazon_link]. The product comes at a  low cost, but it cannot be considered as a cheap product as its excellent features make it competitive with products within the same price range.

Customers have shared great review for this product, and they have no complaints as far as the use of Shimano’s Sienna FD Spinning Reel is concerned.

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