What Size Spinning Reel Is Best For Bass?

What Size Spinning Reel Is Best For Bass?

Even though we prefer a nice salty breeze, sometimes you only have a lake to fish on. Today, we break down some of the best reels for bass fishing. Let’s grab a rod, go to the pond, and catch some fish!

The best anglers know about every single component of the equipment that they are going to use. Fishing rods, spinning reels and fishing lines should all be well adjusted according to your the species of fish you are targeting.

If you have done some fishing before and you know about the various pieces of equipment, you may be able to catch some fish, but if you want to know the right size of a spinning reel for bass, then read on.

If you are a beginner in bass fishing, you won’t have much knowledge about the different kinds of reels and rods used for bass fishing. You might also be unaware what the advantages and disadvantages of different kind of reels are. There are three types of reels to be used for bass fishing.

Spincast reel

That is a closed-off spinning reel with a push release. This makes it quite simple to perform most of the casts smoothly with minimum effort.

The ease and lack of effort required with this reel makes it a good choice for those anglers who are new to bass fishing. Make sure you choose the right spincast reel for you.

There are lots of spincast reels available, but most of the cheap ones don’t work in the right way. So, don’t hesitate to spend some money if you want a spincast reel to work properly.

Spinning reel

A spinning reel, also known as an open-faced reel, is a great choice for casting into the wind. One problem with this kind of reel is that their lines can get tangled sometimes.

If you face the same problem, replace the line and you are good to go again. Spinning reels can handle any size of the line, but they should be used with lighter weight lures.

Baitcasting reel

If you guys are thinking of picking baitcasting reels over any other reels, make sure that you are aware of the fact that baitcasting reels are only made to pick a lure of 10 pounds or more, thus for a beginner they won’t be that effective.

As a beginner, a spinning reel or open-faced reel is the most valuable reel as you will be able to pick light weight lures with it very easily. So, let’s talk about the sizes of these spinning reels.

The sizes of spinning reels vary from 1500 to 4000 and you can choose the size according to your needs. The size depends upon the test that you are going to lift, for example an average spinning reel of size 2000 can hold up to 8lbs of the test.

Here are the size variations and descriptions of each:

1500 size

This kind of spinning reel can be used in lakes where the lure is not that heavy and it can pick up to 6lbs.

2000-2500 size

This kind of spinning reels is the most-used spinning reel among beginners; it is obvious that the lure must not be more than 8-9lbs which is the maximum these reels can hold.

2500-4000 size

This kind of spinning reel is good for those who have gained a bit experience in fishing and are living in an area with a test of about 10-12lbs. These kinds of reels are mostly picked by experienced fishermen only.

By looking at the various sizes and their uses, you can now easily go through various kinds of spinning reels to choose the best suited for you according to your needs, area and ability.

These reels also have price differences between each other, but make sure that if you are going to purchase one you purchase a good one rather than wasting money on a cheaper one as it will not function properly in most cases.

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